Sweden is full member of the Bologna Process / European higher education area since 1999.

EHEA introductory material - 21/04/2016
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Information for international students and scholars

Study in Sweden

Responsible national authority

Ministry of Education and Research

Recognised higher education institutions

Association of Swedish Higher Education (SUHF)

Academic recognition body/ bodies

Swedish National Agency for Higher Education

National students' organisation

Swedish National Union of Students (SFS)

EU education programmes' contact person

Lifelong learning programme / Erasmus national agency

Tempus National Contact Point

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Flag of Sweden

Full member of the Bologna Process since 1999

Representatives in the Bologna Follow-up Group

Bill on Higher Education

In June 2005 the Swedish Government presented a Bill on higher education. The Bill includes proposals for a change of the degree system into three cycles and an introduction of a two year master degree within the second cycle. For more information see the fact sheet.

Sweden Bill 2005 New World new university