Ukraine is full member of the Bologna Process / European higher education area since 2005.

EHEA introductory material - 21/04/2016
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Responsible national authority

Ministry of Education and Science (in Ukrainian)

Academic recognition body/ bodies

ENIC Ukraine

Mr Mykola V. Mykhailichenko, Head of the Department for Licensing, Accreditation and Nostrification  - Phone: +38 044 246 37 96   Fax: +38 044 246 38 04

National students' organisation

Ukrainian Association of Self-government (UASS) (Member of ESU)

Ukrainian Student Council (USC)

National Teachers' representatives organisation

Syndicat des Travailleurs de l’Education et de la Science d’Ukraine (STESU)

EU education programmes' contact person

Tempus Office

Published: 21/04/2016 - Last modified: 18/04/2017
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Flag of Ukraine

Full member of the Bologna Process since 2005

Representatives in the Bologna Follow-up Group

Mr. Yurii Rashkevych, Professor, Higher Education Reform Experts team member

Mrs. Iryna Zolotaryova, Professor, Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics, Higher Education Reform Experts team member