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Date of print: 23/09/23

Work programme of the Bologna Follow-Up Group 2005-2007

Bologna Process in Arts Education

Other relevant event Tbilisi, Georgia 03/04/2006 - 05/04/2006

On 3-5 April, 2006 an international conference “Bologna Process in Arts Education” was organized by the European League of the Arts (ELIA). The conference was hosted by the Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film State University with the support of the Ministry of education and Science of Georgia. The AEC and ENCATC also contributed to the programme.

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The conference provided a unique opportunity for Higher Arts Education Institutions from the Caucasian region to get aquainted and explore possibilities for partnership for exchange and joint projects.

Approximately 100 delegates participated, including Rectors/Directors from the Caucasian region / Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Universities from Asia and Turkey were also invited.

The conference covered the following issues:

  • Bologna Process
    • Outcomes of the Bergen Ministerial Conference, May 2005
    • Three Cycle Structure in Higher Arts Education and Curriculum Development
    • Training Session on Outcome-based Learning and Teaching and Credit  Points/ECTS
  • Quality Enhancement
    • Quality Assurance and Enhancement Policies, Procedures and Processes
    • Training Session on Self-Evaluation in the Arts Institution
  • Research
    • How to develop Research as an integral part of the Arts Institution
    • PhDs in the arts
    • European Funding for Higher Arts Education and Research
Published: 03/04/2006 - Last modified: 01/06/2016
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