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Date of print: 07/06/23

Work programme of the Bologna Follow-Up Group 2005-2007

The Role of National Agencies in the New Generation of EU Programmes

Other relevant event The Hague, Netherlands 18/11/2005

The Role of National Agencies in the New Generation of EU Programmes - A European Policy Seminar organised by the Academic Cooperation Association and hosted by Nuffic. The Hague, 18 November 2005.

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The new “Integrated Action Programme in the field of Lifelong Learning”, will be operational in January 2007, that is, if everything goes well and the EU budget is approved on time. But even if the programme start is postponed, the programme architecture will remain a hot topic in the months to come.

What will the new generation of programmes bring to National Agencies? Some concepts implemented by the Member States may have to be revised to match the new programme architecture, others may already be the Commission’s “star pupils” and fulfill all requirements. Even under the new programme, different approaches and interpretations will be valid. There are however questions that need to be discussed in the preparation phase of the programme.

This seminar aims to provide a forum for the identification of important issues and for the sharing of knowledge among ACA members, as well as between members and representatives of other National Agencies. Present approaches as well as ideas for future models will be presented and discussed.

Published: 18/11/2005 - Last modified: 04/06/2016
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