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Date of print: 05/10/23

Work programme of the Bologna Follow-Up Group 2007-2009

European Quality Assurance Forum - Implementing and Using Quality Assurance

Other relevant event Rome, Italy 15/11/2007 - 17/11/2007

The Second European Quality Assurance Forum was focused on Implementing and Using Quality Assurance: Strategy and Practice.

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The second European Quality Assurance Forum 2007 explored how to implement external and internal quality assurance processes and how to use the outcomes. The focus was on perspectives and frameworks for action and the exchange of examples of how to undertake evaluations. The European Quality Assurance Standards - May 2005 were examined as a guide to helping the implementation process, especially in the light of the London meeting of ministers in May 2007.

Following the success of the first European Quality Assurance Forum that was organised in 2006 at the Technical University of Munich, this second Forum, funded by the Socrates Programme and co-organised by ENQA, ESIB, EUA and EURASHE, explored progress to date in implementing the standards and guidelines in higher education institutions and quality assurance agencies and aimed at developing a common understanding of ways to develop further a European dimension for quality assurance.

The specific objectives of this second forum were:

  • To gain an understanding of how to implement the European Standards and Guidelines
  • To analyse the success factors and obstacles
  • To grasp the implications of such an implementation and examine the impact and the unintended consequences
  • To discuss specific tools (such as student evaluations, implementing learning outcomes, reviews of QA agencies)
  • To explore the principles underlying some of the European Standards and Guidelines and some of the tools

EUA Implementing and using Quality Assurance - Strategy and Practice - 2008

Published: 15/11/2007 - Last modified: 18/01/2017
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