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Date of print: 23/09/23

Social dimension 2007-2009

Coordination Group on Social Dimension 2007-2009

The coordination group purpose is to guarantee European comparability of information given on national strategies and regarding the definition of the parameters that should go in the reporting (“template” for national action plans).

Content for Bologna Expert - 03/10/2007
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National Strategies on the Social Dimension

A template for national strategies on the social dimension was prepared by the Social Dimension Coordination Group and approved by BFUG. It was included in the Stocktaking Report.

BFUG13_4b Template for national reports 2007-2009

Bologna Process Stocktaking Report 2009

Conclusions on Social dimension of the European Higher Education Area

Virtually all countries take some action in order to enhance participative equity in their country, but only a minority of the countries has set up monitoring systems for measuring progress on the issue. Still fewer countries show evidence for an integrated strategy with synergies between social policy, government action and institutional practice, for example on matters such as funding arrangements, lifelong learning and recognition of prior learning.
There is still a long way to go before the student body entering, participating in and completing higher education at all levels will reflect the diversity of populations in the EHEA.

BFUG_CZ_16_5.1b Summary Report prepared by the BFUG Coordination Group on Social Dimension

Published: 03/10/2007 - Last modified: 20/06/2016
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