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Date of print: 23/09/23

Work programme of the Bologna Follow-Up Group 2007-2009

Bologna 2020: Unlocking Europe's potential - Contributing to a better world

Bologna Seminar Ghent, Belgium 19/05/2008 - 20/05/2008

Bologna Seminar organised by the Flemish Community of Belgium and Luxembourg - 19-20 May 2008, Ghent (Belgium)

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Conference Documents


Purpose of the seminar BFUG13_5b Bologna Seminar Bologna 2020 Unlocking Europe's potential - Contributing to a better world Ghent, 19-20 May 2008

General report by Prof. Marek Kwiek and summary of the concluding debate

General report by Prof. Marek Kwiek

Summary of the concluding participants' debate on the tentative conclusions and recommendations

Presentations and background documents

Speech by Odile Quintin (European Commission)

Speech by Minister François Biltgen (Luxembourg)

Presentation by Prof. Barbara Kehm (INCHER Kassel): slides and full text

Presentation by Prof. Gülsün Saglamer (Technical University of Istanbul)

WG 1 Presentation by Prof. Simon Marginson (University of Melbourne)

WG 2 Presentation by Dr. Bjørn Stensaker (NIFU STEP)

WG 4 Presentation by Martina Vukasovic (Centre for Education Policy, Belgrade)

WG 5 Presentation by Prof. Pavel Zgaga (University of Ljubljana)

WG 6  Handout by Dr. Manja Klemenčič (Harvard University)

Presentation by Prof. David Dill (University of North Carolina)

Presentation by Frans van Vught (University of Twente)

Presentation by Eva Egron-Polak (International Association of Universities)

Presentation by Prof. Petar Marić (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Presentation by Darinka Vrečko (Slovenia)

Closing address by Minister Frank Vandenbroucke (Flemish Community of Belgium)

Background documents

Consultations of European stakeholders

Internationalisation and the EHEA – Bernd Wächter, Academic Cooperation Association (ACA)

Survey coordinated by INCHER - abstracts of the research papers

Quality, Equity and the Social Dimension - John Brennan, Rajani Naidoo and Kavita Patel

European Higher Education in Search of a New Legal Order - Jan De Groof

Features and Future of the Network Society - Kurt De Wit and Jef C. Verhoeven

The Bologna process towards 2020 - Jeroen Huisman

The Changing Attractiveness of European Higher Education - Marek Kwiek

The ingredients of trust in European higher education - Bjørn Stensaker and Åse Gornitzka

Student Mobility and Staff Mobility in the EHEA Beyond 2010 - Ulrich Teichler

Economic Imperialism and the Ivory Tower - Pedro Teixeira

The Relevance of Higher Education - Jussi Välimaa

New Forms of Doctoral Education and Training in the EHEA - Barbara Kehm

The External Dimension: Positioning the EHEA in the global higher education world - Simon Marginson

The rationalization of academic work and careers - Julien Barrier and Christine Musselin

Market governance in higher education - Harry de Boer

European Higher Education in Search of a New Institutional Order - Peter Maassen

The university community in a European community - David Watson and Paul Temple

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