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Date of print: 23/09/23

Work programme 2009-2012

Higher Education in Western Balkans - Quality Assurance and Accreditation

Other relevant event Tirana, Albania 21/02/2011 - 22/02/2011

The Network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe (UNICA) invited all stakeholders from Western Balkans Countries to meet in Tirana to discuss  the future of quality assurance and accreditation in higher education, which are in line with the objectives of Bologna process.

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Seminar reader

Final recommendations

Theme: HE in Western Balkans: Quality Assurance and Accreditation

Quality assurance in higher education is at the heart of efforts to build a coherent, compatible and attractive European Higher Education Area (EHEA). Quality assurance helps to make higher education transparent and trustworthy for European citizens and employers as well as for students and scholars from other continents. Supported by TEMPUS projects Western Balkan countries have set up the quality infrastructure: accreditation agencies and elements of quality assurance system at HEIs. There are established the organization
units of quality assurance with the main aim of implementing quality assurance standards and leading the internal evaluation. Accreditation agencies at W.B. countries perform external evaluation and accreditation of HEIs.

But it is necessary to have an analysis regarding the organization of Accreditation agencies, their functions, accreditation systems in the context of how can influence in enhancing the quality at HEIs, the influence of financial system of HEIs on quality assurance processes. The HEIs need to have a thoroughly implementation of quality assurance standards, to improve their quality assurance and management processes, to develop their strategic plan towards quality. All these will be part of enhancing the awareness of all involved parties about the high importance of quality assurance to higher education reform.


To improve the quality assurance and accreditation mentality as a crucial element of quality culture discussing on general trends and problems in implementation and adjustment of QA mechanisms and Accreditation, providing some examples of good practise, finding mechanisms of improvement; to increase visibility of Tempus Programme.

Learning outcomes

  • Knowledge regarding the development of quality assurance systems at European Higher Education Institutions towards their continuously improvement.
  • Knowledge of accreditation systems within EU countries and their influence in enhancing the quality at HEIs including the organization of professional accreditation bodies and how decisions are made regarding accreditation.
  • Knowledge regarding the Influence of financial system of HEIs on quality assurance processes.
  • Knowledge regarding the main standards of quality assurance at HEIs.
  • Knowledge regarding the relationship between the main standards of QA and accreditation process, their indicators, and type of accreditation in decision making.
  • Knowledge of quality assurance as part of quality management systems.
  • Knowledge regarding quality in strategic plans of HEIs, quality objectives and their indicators.
  • Knowledge about management processes of HEIs.

Expected results

Elaboration of recommendations for decision-makers and HEIs at nationallevels on:

  • Improvement of legislation, accreditation system and financial system of HEIs;
  • Improvement of quality assurance systems, management processes, strategic plan regarding quality objectives and policies;
  • Provide ideas and suggestions for the development of new proposals for
    Tempus projects.
Published: 21/02/2011 - Last modified: 27/06/2016
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