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Date of print: 07/06/23

Work programme 2009-2012

Learning Outcomes - A Bologna Process Training Conference

Other relevant event Sliema, Malta 20/05/2011

The conference was organised by the European Union Programmes Agency (EUPA) and the Bologna Experts Group (Malta), in collaboration with the Malta Qualifications Council (MQC) and the National Commission for Higher Education (NCHE).

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The main focus of this full day seminar will be to target the further development of learning outcomes, whilst taking into consideration the different approaches towards writing learning outcomes. Two international experts will address this issue and feedback shall be drawn from academics, administrative staff, students and employers. Working group sessions will give way to further discussion on which approaches are best to design learning outcomes that meet a student-centred learning approach.

The seminar will also delve into the technical approaches needed to transform ‘outcomes’ in programmes of Higher Education into ‘learning-outcomes’. The scope is to ensure that in identifying what a learner ‘should know’ and ‘be able to do’ at the end of a learning experience, a methodological approach is discussed that best fits the professional capacity, needed to perform in a career.

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Published: 20/05/2011 - Last modified: 28/06/2016
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Name of the persons attending the event:
Hon. Dolores Cristina, Dr. James Calleja, Mr. Daniel James Cassar, Dr. Philippos Pouyioutas, Mr. Radu Constantinescu, Mr. Stefan Delplace, Dr. Carmen Vizcarro, Mr. Luka Juros