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Date of print: 30/05/23

Work programme 2009-2012

Recognition of Prior Learning Network 2009-2012 - meeting 2

Network meeting Glasgow, United Kingdom 23/06/2011

Second meeting of the Recognition of Prior Learning Network 2009-2012.

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The network met in a workshop on 23rd June in Glasgow with the following outcomes:

  • Sharing practice was reconfirmed as the primary purposes of the Network.  The Steering Group would be responsible for bringing together the updates on RPL actvity and matching members with similar interests and issues
  • The Network should help stimulate RPL national networks by expanding membership to include all those who wish to join and not just those nominated by BFUG representatives
  • Given that case studies had already been collected and the idea for sifting through these to come up with models of RPL mooted, it was suggested that a document could be produced that could record all this activity and that then could be used to promote the Network (and RPL) with other countries not participating at present.  Care would have to be taken to ensure that the document did not overlap with existing CEDEFOP work
  • It was agreed that a Linked-In Group or similar should be set-up to facilitate discussion in between physical meetings.

RPL Network Glasgow June 2011 - Draft agenda

RPL Network Glasgow June 2011 - Draft minutes

RPL Network - Update report and recommendations for 2012 Ministerial Conference version 15.08.2011

RPL Network - Terms of reference version 27.10.2011

RPL Network Glasgow June 2011 - Introduction

RPL Network Glasgow June 2011 - Training University Teachers and Supervisors for Recognition

RPL Network Glasgow June 2011 - RPL support in the Netherlands

Recognition of Prior Learning - What about the French Case ?

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Learning through experience: developing international & regional research agenda

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  • Shape the development of new and existing fields of knowledge, methods and practices
  • Engage in knowledge exchange through seminars, workshops and other forms of interactions

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