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Date of print: 01/06/23

Work programme 2009-2012

Reimagining Democratic Societies

Other relevant event Oslo, Norway 27/06/2011 - 29/06/2011

The Council of Europe, the US Steering Committee of the International Consortium for Higher Education, Civic Responsibility and Democracy, the University of Oslo and the European Wergeland Centre, in cooperation with the International Association of Universities, organized a conference on “Reimagining Democratic Societies: a New Era of Personal and Social Responsibility?”.

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This conference is part of the cooperation between different partners committed to promoting democracy, human rights and the rule of law as well as social cohesion and intercultural dialogue, and their belief in the key role of education in furthering these goals. The conference will also be a part of the events marking the 200th anniversary of the University of Oslo.

Aims and objectives:

  • To strengthen the role of higher education in furthering democratic citizenship
  • To identify concretely the role that higher education can play in reimagining democratic societies
  • To stress the importance of the involvement of the different stakeholders: academic, administrations, students, local communities etc
  • To develop further strategies to strengthen this role

General outline and draft program

Published: 27/06/2011 - Last modified: 19/08/2016
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Name of the person attending the event: Ligia Deca, Head of the Bologna Secretariat

Contribution made: Rapporteur for Group 3