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Date of print: 05/10/23

Work programme 2009-2012

Funding of Higher Education International Conference

Other relevant event Yerevan, Armenia 08/09/2011 - 09/09/2011

The International conference on Funding of Higher Education was organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia under the auspices of the Polish-Armenian co-Chairship of the Bologna Process and supported by the World Bank.

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This conference is organized in the framework of the Bologna Process towards the formation of a shared vision on EHEA to ensure more comparable, compatible and coherent systems of higher education in Europe and responding to the challenges of globalization.

The conference aimed at providing a platform for exchange of experiences regarding issues related to funding of higher education in the European Higher Education Area.

The Conference report, underlying the main issues and conclusions, is available for download Funding of Higher Education International Conference - Report

Published: 08/09/2011 - Last modified: 20/10/2016
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