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Date of print: 04/10/23

Lifelong learning 2009-2012

Recognition of Prior Learning European Network 2009-2012

The need for a European wide Network for Recognition of Prior Learning was identified after a meeting of Recognition of Prior Learning practitioners and policy makers was held in Brussels in February 2010.

Archived content for Bologna Experts - 26/04/2012
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Terms of reference

The Network’s Terms of Reference are to:

  • Promote and inform the effective use and practice of RPL across participating countries
  • Provide a means for member countries to share and learn from policies and practice across Europe in relation to RPL development
  • Build links between European countries at various stages in RPL development.

Operation and meetings

Meetings of a Steering Group constitute the formal mechanism for planning the activities of the network, whereas meetings that involve the whole Network focus on sharing practice. The Network is also actively seeking links to other projects and initiatives of interest pan-Europe and within member countries to maximise benefit/information exchange for members and beyond.


BFUG Network Recognition of Prior Learning Report and recommendations for 2012 Ministerial Conference

Published: 26/04/2012 - Last modified: 08/07/2016
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Contact person (Chair): Heather GIBSON - UK/Scotland

Composition: The network is coordinated by a small steering group currently comprising representatives from UK/Scotland, Estonia, Ireland and EUA. Meetings of this group constitute the formal mechanism for planning the activities of the network. Wider workshops are held to exchange good practice and share learning about RPL across the network.