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Date of print: 09/06/23

Work programme 2012-2015

European Students' Convention 24

Other relevant event Cyprus 17/10/2012 - 20/10/2012

European Students' Convention 24 on The crisis is getting deeper. Is society under threat?

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On 18-21st October 2012 European Students Union (ESU) together with its Cypriot member POFEN is hosting 24th European Students’ Convention and ESU 30th Anniversary celebration event.
During the official agenda, student representatives will try to answer a question, if Universities can lead our societies out of crisis and what kind of actions should be taken in that regard, do we need “more Europe” and further European integration in education?
The event will also produce an input to the Council on implementation of ET2020 and upcoming students’ review on ET2020.
To celebrate its 30th Anniversary properly, ESU invites its Alumni to join the event. A publication, reflecting the developments of the European Students’ movement will be presented and disseminated there.

The 24th European Students’ Convention aims to examine the impact of austerity measures on the society and provide the participants with a basic understanding in relation to the topic. Additionally, the event aims at stressing the importance of higher education within the crisis and the role it can play in leading the way out of the crisis, both on social and economic terms. Academic staff, students, governments and other stakeholders in the field of higher education will address the main challenges and give recommendations on the way forward. Under the Student Advancement of Graduates Employability (SAGE) project, students will be consulted to gather input for the project as drivers of change, proving the need for nurturing higher education as a public good and public responsibility, today more than ever.

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Published: 17/10/2012 - Last modified: 19/07/2016
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