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Date of print: 09/06/23

Work programme 2012-2015

Working Group on Mobility and Internationalisation 2012-2015 - meeting 1

Working Group meeting Berlin, Germany 06/12/2012 - 07/12/2012

The first meeting of mobility/internationalisation working group will take place in Berlin, Germany, on December 6-7, 2012.

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Welcome by the Co‐Chairs

Tour de Table: short introduction of all members of the working group Adoption of the agenda

Discussion of/agreement on the draft work plan

Distribution of topics

Discussion of/agreement on the Terms of Reference

Audit "Internationalisation of Universities" – presentation by the German Rectors' Conference (HRK) and discussion

“Steeplechase Project – Plans for and obstacles to temporary enrolment abroad in an international comparison” – presentation and discussion

Balanced mobility: Dutch Study “The economic effects of internationalisation in higher education” – presentation and discussion

Any other business

Published: 06/12/2012 - Last modified: 19/07/2016
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