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Date of print: 05/10/23

Work programme 2012-2015

Working Group on Structural Reforms 2012-2015 - co-chairs meeting

Working Group meeting Strasbourg, France 22/02/2013

Co-chairs meeting of the Working Group on Structural Reforms (Qualifications Frameworks, Recognition, Quality Assurance and Transparency) 2012-2015.

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  • The review of the first meeting of the WG;
  • The presentation to the BFUG, Dublin;
  • Next meeting of the EHEA WG on Structural Reforms, in particular identification of the main issues for discussion and the structure of the meeting.;
  • Timetable for the further work of the WG, in particular the calendar, the relationships with the EHEA sub-structures, proposed joint meeting with the EQF Advisory Group and draft report of the WG by summer, 2014
Published: 22/02/2013 - Last modified: 20/07/2016
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