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Date of print: 23/09/23

Work programme 2012-2015

Ad-Hoc Working Group on the Revision of the ECTS Users' Guide - meeting 1

Ad-hoc Group meeting Brussels, Belgium 25/02/2013

First meeting of the Ad-hoc WG on the revision of the ECTS Users’ Guide was held on 25 February 2013 in Brussels, Belgium.

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The meeting was chaired by the European Commission and hosted 19 participants.

The main task of members of the Ad-hoc WG will focus on the review of the ECTS Users’ Guide in order to reflect relevant developments that occurred since its last revision in 2009, taking as its starting point the use of ECTS for the accumulation of credits within a study program, which is the basis for the transfer and recognition of credits in the case of both national andcross-border mobility. The revised ECTS Users’ Guide has to serve the needs of a broad range of stakeholders, and has to provide practical guidance to HEIs to improve design, application and assessment of learning outcomes.

Ad-hoc WG on the revision of the ECTS Users’ Guide will report to the “Structural Reforms” Working Group and present the revised version of the ECTS Users’ Guide to the BFUG by autumn 2014. This timing will allow the Ad-hoc WG to take account of developments in parallel processes, such as the revision of the European Standards and Guidelines on Quality Assurance and of the EU Professional Qualifications Directive.

Published: 25/02/2013 - Last modified: 20/07/2016
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