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Date of print: 05/10/23

Work programme 2012-2015

Cooperation between Higher Education institutions (HEI) and Businesses - Why do we need to cooperate?

Other relevant event Ljubljana, Slovenia 25/10/2013

CMEPIUS (Slovene Coordinating office for Bologna Experts National Group) is organising an international conference titled: Cooperation between Higher Education institutions (HEI) and businesses – Why do we need to cooperate? addressing the interlinks between University-Business cooperation, employability & higher education policy.

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The event will bring together academics, policy makers and international experts to share experiences and good practices in the initiatives and interventions on how can Higher Education institutions develop academic programs that will give students the knowledge and skills that today’s job market demands and what can they offer them to support their preparation for the future life. Existing data and surveys show that there is a need for action by universities, employers, students and government to address both the reality and perception of the skills deficit in our graduates. In this respect we must improve the dialogue between the Education sector and the “market-place” through cooperation between Higher Education and business in order to shape the curricula and skills required for success.

Download the Invitation, Programe, Speakers Bios, Overview of content and Presentations from the Slovene National Agency for LifelongLearning Programme website

Published: 25/10/2013 - Last modified: 22/07/2016
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