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Date of print: 07/06/23

Work programme 2012-2015

ESU project Quest for Quality of Students - Final Conference

Other relevant event Brussels, Belgium 31/10/2013

The results of European Students Union (ESU) project called Quest for Quality of Students (QUEST) will be presented on 31 October 2013.

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Final conference

ESU will host a morning event for closing one of its main project: QUEST - quest for quality for students. QUEST has been a 3 years-long project with the aim of defining a concept of quality that gives a better answer to the high quality student-centred learning model of higher education students in Europe.

Through QUEST, ESU aimed to identify what information students think is important that higher education institutions provide to them and compare this to existing modes of information provisions. Moreover, the project had a capacity building pillar for enabling students to participate in the improvement-oriented activities in their HEIs and systems.

The final conference will be the forum where all different outcomes of the project will be presented and discus together with students, stakeholders and policy-makers. A final discussion about how the students' view might be incorporated into the daily work of HEIs and QAA as well as how it should influence the political agenda.

Student Handbook on Quality Assurance

Download the handbook from ESU website

This handbook was written within the framework of a European project called Quest for Quality for Students (QUEST) with the primary aim of empowering student unions to lead discussions on the quality of education at a local level and to help students who are participating in quality reviews.

Published: 31/10/2013 - Last modified: 22/07/2016
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