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Date of print: 30/05/23

Work programme 2012-2015

SiS Catalyst Policy Seminar

Other relevant event Brussels, Belgium 25/09/2014

ET2020: Will it provide new approaches towards social inclusion and (higher) education? What are the implications of the learning of SiS Catalyst for European Policy Making. This is the theme of a SiS Catalyst policy seminar held on 25 September.

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What is SiS Catalyst?

SiS Catalyst is a 4 year, European Commision funded Mobilising Mutual Learning Action Plan.
SiS Catalyst is an initiative to foster and support ethical, effective and sustainable engagement between children and young people and the social, cultural, political, scientific and educational institutions which make the decisions that will shape their futures.
We believe that enhanced interaction will benefit both children and young people and institutions through exchange of views and improved mutual understanding.
While it seeks to empower children everywhere and influence all kinds of institutions to engage with them, the initiative has a particular focus on strengthening relationships between post-secondary education institutions and the children who, despite ability, currently appear unlikely to enter them.

Published: 25/09/2014 - Last modified: 26/07/2016
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