Work programme 2015-2018

Working Group on Monitoring 2015-2018 - meeting 2

Working Group meeting Berlin, Germany 13/09/2016

Second meeting of the working group on “Monitoring: Fostering implementation of agreed key commitments”.

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Download the WG Monitoring - Berlin 13.09.2016 - Minutes

The main purpose of the meeting was to finalise the structure of the 2018 report, and plan the data collection process.

  1. Welcome and introduction by the WG1 Co-Chairs
  2. Adoption of agenda
    WG Monitoring - Berlin 13.09.2016 - Draft agenda
  3. Brief feedback from recent meetings
  4. Consideration of comments provided by BFUG members and WG Co-chairs on the structure of the 2018 Implementation Report
    WG Implementation - Bologna Implementation Report 2018 - Draft proposal for a new structure
  5. Structure of the 2018 Implementation Report (continuation)
  6. Discussion on data collection methods and cooperation with other partners
  7. Conclusions and next steps
Published: 13/09/2016 - Last modified: 16/02/2017
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