Work programme 2015-2018

Bologna Follow-Up Group Board meeting LI

BFUG Board meeting Podgorica, Montenegro 24/10/2016

Fifty-first meeting of the Bologna Follow-Up Group Board in Podgorica, 24 October 2016.

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Download the BFUG Board 51 Podgorica Oct 2016 - Minutes

1 Welcome and introduction to the meeting

1.1 Information by the actual BFUG Co-chairs: Slovakia / Montenegro
1.2 Information by the Vice-chair: France

BFUG Board 51 Podgorica Oct 2016 - Welcome Address by Slobodan Filipovi

2 Adoption of the agenda

BFUG Board 51 Podgorica Oct 2016 - Draft agenda
BFUG Board 51 Podgorica Oct 2016 - Draft annotated agenda

3 Minutes of the last meetings

3.1 Adoption of the draft minutes of the BFUG board meeting in Chisinau, 18th January 2016
BFUG Board 49 Chisinau January 2016 - Draft minutes without documents
3.2 Presentation of the minutes of the BFUG meeting in Amsterdam, 7/8th March 2016
BFUG Meeting 50 Amsterdam March 2016 - Minutes

4 Adopted proceedings: Presidency and refined wording for the adoption of the minutes (I.c/d)

BFUG Board 51 Podgorica Oct 2016 - BFUG Proceedings 2015-2018

5 Fundamental values of the EHEA

BFUG Board 51 Podgorica Oct 2016 - Fundamental values

6 Update concerning the AG/WG work

6.1 Report from the AG/WG meetings by one chair of each AG/WG

6.2 Report from the AG/WG chairs’ meeting in Berlin by the Co-chairs

7 Draft concept note for the Bologna Policy Forum 2018

8 Update by the BFUG Secretariat

8.1 New website
8.2 First information on the 2018 Ministerial Conference

9 Discussion on a permanent Bologna Secretariat post 2018 or post 2020

BFUG Board 51 Podgorica Oct 2016 - Possible arrangements for the future secretariat

10 Discussion of the application procedure and schedule for the 2020 conference

BFUG Proceedings 2015-2018 Annexes

11 Report on the Lisbon Recognition Convention

Report on the implementation of the Lisbon Recognition Convention 2016

12 QF EHEA and EQF (report on the meeting of national correspondents for QF, New Skills Agenda)

BFUG Board 51 Podgorica Oct 2016 - Report Qualifications frameworks EHEA

13 Information by the incoming Co-chairs (Dates and agenda for BFUG board and BFUG meeting in 2017)

13.1 BFUG board meeting 31 March Oslo, Norway
13.2 BFUG meeting 24/25 May Gozo, Malta

14 Draft agenda for the BFUG meeting in Bratislava

BFUG Meeting 52 Bratislava December 2016 - Draft agenda

15 AOB

Letter of application from European Association for International Education (EAIE)

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