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Date of print: 04/04/20

Events from London Ministerial Conference to Leuven / Louvain-la-Neuve Ministerial Conference

This calendar lists all the events of the period 2007-2009 between the London Ministerial Conference to the Leuven / Louvain-la-Neuve Ministerial Conference.

Nov 2007
23 November 2007
CG Mobility 2007-2009 meeting 1
Brdo, Slovenia

The Coordination Group on mobility met in Vienna on 23 November 2007. During this meeting the members discussed and agreed on various points: Terms of Reference , organization of the work,...

Apr 2008
28 to 29 April 2008
Eurostudent III Final Conference
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Who are the students in the European Higher Education Area and how do they organise their studies? Understanding the social dimension of higher education.

May 2008
29 to 30 May 2008
Seminar on Fostering student mobility
Brussels, Belgium

Bologna Seminar Fostering student mobility: next steps? organised by the French Community of Belgium - 29-30 May 2008, Brussels

Jun 2008
12 to 13 June 2008
Seminar on Staff Mobility and Pension Arrangements
Berlin, Germany

Bologna Seminar on "Penalized for Being Mobile? National Pension Schemes as an Obstacle to Mobility for Researchers in the European Higher Education Area", hosted by the German Rectors’...

Sep 2008
19 September 2008
CG Mobility 2007-2009 meeting 2
Yerevan, Armenia

Second meeting of the Bologna Coordination Group on Mobility 2007-2009.

Oct 2008
6 to 7 October 2008
Conference on mobility
Lille, France

“Let’s Go! - Where to now?” - Mobility Campaign Conference, 6-7 Oct 2008, Lille, France, organized by Education International and European Student Union

Nov 2008
4 to 5 November 2008
Conference on student mobility
Nancy, France

Bologna Seminar organised by France on The Europe of Higher Education: Strengthening Pan-European Mobility, Nancy, 4-5 November 2008.

Jan 2009
30 January 2009
CG Mobility 2007-2009 meeting 3
Vienna, Austria

Third meeting of the Bologna Coordination Group on Mobility 2007-2009.

Mar 2009
16 to 17 March 2009
Joint Programmes and Student Mobility
Chelyabinsk, Russian Federation

The Bologna Seminar on JOINT PROGRAMMES AND STUDENT MOBILITY will be held in Chelyabinsk, Russia, March 16 and 17, 2009. This seminar will be hosted by the Ministry of education and science of the...