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Date of print: 04/04/20

Events from London Ministerial Conference to Leuven / Louvain-la-Neuve Ministerial Conference

This calendar lists all the events of the period 2007-2009 between the London Ministerial Conference to the Leuven / Louvain-la-Neuve Ministerial Conference.

Nov 2007
15 to 17 November 2007
European Quality Assurance Forum 2007
Rome, Italy

The Second European Quality Assurance Forum was focused on Implementing and Using Quality Assurance: Strategy and Practice.

Mar 2008
4 March 2008
EQAR Founding Assembly
Brussels, Belgium

EQAR has been founded as International Non-profit Association by the representatives of the E4 Group, comprising ENQA, ESU, EUA and EURASHE, on 4 March 2008.

Sep 2008
9 to 10 September 2008
Conference on Quality Assurance in Higher Education
Strasbourg, France

Conference organized by France as President of the European Union on Quality assurance in universities and higher education institutions in Europe.

Nov 2008
20 to 22 November 2008
European Quality Assurance Forum 2008
Budapest, Hungary

The Third European Quality Assurance Forum was focused on Trends in Quality Assurance.

Dec 2008
1 to 2 December 2008
Seminar on Quality assurance in Transnational Education
London, United Kingdom

Quality Assurance in Transnational Education (TNE) – From words to action - Bologna seminar organised by ENQA and hosted by the QAA, UK, 1-2 December 2008, Hotel Novotel St. Pancras, London

11 to 12 December 2008
Seminar on Recognition of Prior Learning
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Bologna Seminar hosted by the Dutch Government 11-12 December 2008, Amsterdam

Feb 2009
24 to 25 February 2009
Seminar on Centres of Excellence in University Education
Helsinki, Finland

The event was jointly organised by FINHEEC and ENQA.